How to become an Oracle DBA

Their roles, the software and the platforms are constantly changing and growing and these individuals are always learning something new. Entry-level professionals who earn database administration-related certifications or degrees often move up the salary scale more quickly. First, becoming a database administrator calls for some pre-existing skills, both technical and personal . This in turn means that most seasoned production DBAs have first gained experience in other related IT job categories, such as IT support roles. This is an excellent foundation for a future DBA because it ensures that you first learn in detail about the organization’s IT setup, which is almost always required knowledge for a DBA.

  • They monitor the databases as they are running to ensure that they are not overused and are running efficiently.
  • These professionals typically hold a CS or related bachelor’s degree and work experience.
  • By taking a look through resumes, we were able to narrow down the most common skills for a person in this position.
  • Attaining the full set of certificates that a particular database vendor offers can be particularly useful for this type of specialization.
  • The foundation of the SAP HANA platform is an enterprise-grade relational database management system, which can be run as an appliance on premises or in the cloud.

IBM also has several certifications available, primarily for the DB2, and various levels as well. Even if a current job doesn’t require knowledge of Oracle or Microsoft database programs, future opportunities may, so it’s always a good idea to expand technical SQL Developer DBA Careers horizons and enhance the resume with more certifications. These programs teach students computer programming languages like Python, HTML5, CSS, and C++, through coursework on data structure, network architecture, web programming, and software applications.

Apply to Database Administration Bootcamps

To manage this database in a usable manner there is a dire need and importance of computer database administrators as they are the only ones who can ensure the maintenance and safety of all important data. This online course deep dive into Relational Databases and SQL to gain a strong understanding of the subject. It offers a long-accepted standard query language and advanced concepts of relational databases, semistructured data, and design methodologies. Users can enjoy and learn with video lectures and demos, take quizzes, read pointers, and unmoderated discussed forums. Database certifications may not be as sexy or bleeding-edge as cloud computing, storage, or computer forensics.

  • While they might not use this kind of information on the job every day, knowing it will actually help them do their job.
  • Oracle SQL Database Specialization online course, available at Coursera, helps candidates become proficient with Oracle SQL databases.
  • It comes with a downloadable MySQL ebook, 7 hours of high-quality video material, and homework assignments or quizzes.

After attaining experience the database administrators may advance into managerial positions as chief technology officer. MySQL DBA Certification Training, available at Edureka, is an online course that deep dives into the core concepts of the MySQL database, techniques, practical tools, and practices to administer and manage data. The course includes hands-on learning Become a Site Security Specialist: Step-by-Step Career Guide on MySQL Server, MySQL Workbench, MySQL Connector, MySQL Functions, MySQL Command-Line, and Data Modeling. The online course explores the features and architecture of several implementations such as Cassandra, MongoDB, and IBM Cloudant. Database Administrators manage the Database and ensure that it is available to obtain insights and produce data via IT systems.

OCP: Oracle DB Administrator Certified Professional

By 2024, there will be a change of 13,400 jobs for a total of 133,400 people employed in the career nationwide. This is a 11.2% change in growth over the next ten years, giving the career a growth rate nationwide of Above Average.

  • Database Administrators are responsible for applying, maintaining, evaluating and developing computerized databases within both public and private sectors.
  • DBAs in San Francisco can expect to earn an average of almost $101,000 per year, whereas DBAs in Austin , Texas can expect to earn over $83,500 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.
  • This is being offered by many private and Government engineering institutes.

Database administration is about managing databases and ensuring they are available when they are needed. The database administrator will manage, back up, and protect information stored in a database. The DBA plays a critical role in many companies, especially those which generate large amounts of data. After all, someone has to store the data we generate online Ultimate Guide to Becoming a DevOps Engineer Global Transformation Consultancy and ensure that data is protected in all cases. Database administrators will manage a database and ensure that it is available whenever it is needed. They play a key role in ensuring the data users and companies generate is kept safe and is always accessible. Oracle has multiple certifications and multiple expertise levels available for each certification.

How to Become a Database Administrator

This may impact your decision, as Java is related to Oracle and .Net is related to Microsoft . While they both run the SQL language with some minor differences, the administration side of them is widely different. An Oracle DBA would know the same administration concepts as a Microsoft SQL Server DBA, but the actual implementation and setup and details are quite different.

Should I pursue DBA?

A DBA holder can command a significant paycheck in the industry in many cases more than a master's degree holder. In fact, according to the United States Census Bureau data, the difference in average salary for a master's degree holder and a student who is studying a DBA programme can be as much as 33 percent.

The DBA is a critically important role in many of today’s IT departments, and by extension, their organizations overall. Although no standardized training exists for database administrators, most complete brief on-the-job training sessions. These programs usually last for about a week and allow new employees to learn about the organization’s policies, procedures and workflows. The student will get familiar with a programming language or scripting languages such as Java, Python, and PHP. Oracle DB Administrator Certified Professional offers proficiency and knowledge to develop database-certified Intenet applications.

Database Administrator

Certification programs are available for most of the popular DBMS platforms, and many organizations expect DBAs to be certified in the database systems they manage. In addition, DBAs work with application developers to ensure accurate and efficient application design for database access. At times, DBAs may be asked to modify or write application code to help development projects. These administrators should also be able to communicate well, work on teams, and catch small details in their work. Some companies require candidates to be certified in the programs they use. You can obtain database administrator certification directly from software vendors, including Oracle RDMS, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2, Google Cloud BigTable, and MySQL. Vendor-neutral certification providers such as the ICCP also offer database administrative certification.

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