The code is based on Active ingredients of the medicine. A medicine can have different dotbig codes as sometimes it acts on different organs for different indications.


To reduce the risk of infection, illness or injury from contamination, you must thoroughly clean all parts of the nebulizer as instructed after each treatment. If the nozzle is clogged, no aerosol mist is produced which will alter the effectiveness of the treatment. Forex news inhalation solution, USP 300 mg is supplied in 5 mL single-use ampules. Nine (3%) patients in the Fotex inhalation solution group and nine (3%) patients in the placebo group had increases in serum creatinine of at least 50% over baseline. In all nine patients in the Fotex inhalation solution group, creatinine decreased at the next visit. The safety and efficacy of Fotex inhalation solution have not been studied in pediatric patients under 6 years of age. It is not known if Fotex inhalation solution will reach sufficient concentrations after administration by inhalation to be excreted in human breast milk.

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Patients received inhalation solution in alternating periods of 28 days on and 28 days off drug in addition to their standard cystic fibrosis therapy for a total of 24 weeks. In each study, Fotex inhalation solution-treated patients experienced significant improvement in pulmonary function. In Study 2, Fotex inhalation solution-treated patients had an average increase of about 7% compared to an average decrease of about 1% in placebo patients. Figure 1 shows the average relative change in FEV1% predicted over 24 weeks for both studies. Laboratory tests of urine and renal function should be conducted at the discretion of the treating physician. Fotex inhalation solution is in a class of antibiotics that have caused hearing loss, dizziness, kidney damage and harm to a fetus.

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  • Bronchospasm has been reported with inhalation of Fotex inhalation solution.

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is known to be substantially excreted by the kidney, and the risk of adverse reactions to this drug may be greater in patients with impaired renal function. Because elderly patients are more likely to have decreased renal function, it may be useful to monitor renal function (see WARNINGS – Nephrotoxicity ; PRECAUTIONS – Serum Concentrations ). Bronchospasm has been reported with inhalation of Fotex inhalation solution.

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